Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Professional Reader and Ghostwriter Services

Novellabooks LLC offers a myriad of services to meet all of your literary needs.

Do you need the services of a confidential ghostwriter? I can help you bring your short story or book idea to life. Or if you need a short story, stories, novellas, or novel written for one or an ongoing set of projects I can help. I specialize in Creative Writing; my focus areas are Fiction and Nonfiction. Open to writing in most any genre so feel free to inquire.

If you have a book written and need a book reviewer/ professional reader I can help. I can provide you with a unbiased review of your book, ebook, novel, novella, blog or short story. You will own all rights to the review so you can publish it with your book, on your website, place it in testimonials, whatever your needs are it can be used for advertising purposes.

Please contact me about all of your ghostwriting and book review needs today!

NovellaBooks LLC’s Ghost Writer Service Rates (Payments through PayPal):

Product will be emailed in pdf or .docx format

Per Page Pricing  $4 -$25 per page (250 words) (20% upfront depending on project size)

NovellaBooks LLC’s Professional Reader Service Rates (Payments through PayPal):

Review comes in pdf or .docx format and will be advertised on my business blog.

Per Word Pricing Book Reviews

200 words                 $20 (10% upfront)
400 words                 $40
600 words                 $70
800 words                 $90

Feel free to contact me about all your project needs!

Natasha Mathisrud, MBA